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The Woo Young-woo Collection by The Sandbox

spots available3,000 spots

3,000 winners

Starts on:

Oct 4, 2023 07:00 PM (UTC)

Ends on:

Oct 9, 2023 7:00 AM (UTC)


The Woo Young-woo Collection

Hello global K-drama lovers and fans of "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"! The highly anticipated Avatar collection of famous K-drama has finally arrived. This exclusive release brings you a limited edition of 1,560 Woo Young-woo Avatars inspired by reproduced outfits/accessories and memorable scenes from the series. If you become a holder of this collection, you will get many benefits including possibilities to get SAND rewards and unlock Extraordinary Attorney Woo's exclusive experience which will be introduced in the future!


Reproducted animations from the series

These Woo Young-woo avatars have several unique animations which are a reproduction from the original series. When you equip these Avatars, you become Attorney Woo—not only in appearance but also in action! You can walk like her, run like her, dance like her, and even you can say hi to your friend in her own signature greeting motion!


Enter the Extraordinary World!

Become a unique attorney Woo character and experience the diverse venues from the series, solve cases, and make new friends in the metaverse world! You'll not only enjoy the city views and quests related to the series, but also have the opportunity to observe and share fan art from the series.


Iconic 1:1s

In addition to many unique traits and looks, the collection includes a set of exclusive, hand-crafted Attorney Woo 1/1! Who will get them?!



Use your avatar to unlock new functionality within the Woo Young-woo Experience and The Sandbox, including access to new experiences and possibilities to earn SAND.


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