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Unlimited allowlists

Create as many allowlists as you want. All the features are free to use with no hidden costs.

Twitter requirement

Enhance your Twitter marketing by requiring collectors to follow your Twitter account, retweet, and like your signature tweet.

Discord requirement

Encourage collectors to be active in your server by requiring them to join your server and earn certain roles.

Wallet requirement

Ensure your collectors have enough funds to purchase your NFTs or own specific NFTs.

Discord bot

Announce your minting, winners, and send reminders by seamlessly integrating your discord server with HeyMint bot.

Bot protection

Ensure that all the collectors you choose are not bots by using the pruning feature to exclude users based on their Twitter account (account age, number of followers), wallet amount and IP address.

Creator identity verification

Earn your 'Creator identity verified' badge by verifying your identity to gain trust from your collectors.

Collector protection

Protect your collectors from scams by allowing them to enter your allowlist with their mint wallet while verifying ownership of NFTs with a cold wallet.


Create a collaboration page with partner projects in just seconds.


Allow your collectors to use HeyMint without connecting their wallet to HeyMint (OpenSea wallet verification supported).

Want to see a full feature list? Check out our doc here.

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Origin storyWhy we built HeyMint

We launched our own NFT collection called Curious Addys back in 2021, with the aim of bringing more people into the Web3 space. Throughout the process of building our NFT collection, we discovered that creating NFT collections is incredibly challenging and expensive.

Since we firmly believe that NFT technology will revolutionize the lives of millions of artists and creators by enabling direct and authentic connections with fans, we wanted to develop a comprehensive and affordable self-service toolset for NFT creators. Our goal is to empower anyone to launch an NFT collection without the need for substantial upfront financial investment or assistance from developers.

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