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WMW x Women Tribe


Women Tribe x Women Making Waves


25 Allowlist Spots Giveaway!


WHAT is Women Making Waves:

WMW uses Web 3 technology to fund and scale women's rights law reform in Australia and the United States. 



To create a movement that connects a community with the world's leading impact organisations to demystify outdated legal systems through the use of a digital art collection and education platform and get over USD1M+ into the hands of our impact partners who are actively working to create an equal playing field for women globally.


WHO are the WMW Founders:

Just like the power of blockchain our company is built on the value of transparency. That’s why our founders are proud to be doxxed.


Jessica Wilson, is a successful tech entrepreneur with an innate ability to market to and wrap a vision towards millennial and Gen Z women, a stash of growth awards and pinned by Forbes as one of 1,000 entrepreneurs to change the world in the next 50 years and; 


Hayley Evans, is an investor and hyper-growth driven advisor whose portfolio includes the creation and scale of Tavistock Group's ($14B company) tech investment portfolio, Global Board roles for YPO, Impact initiatives, and a training organisation in male dominated industries.


HOW much:

Our collection is priced at USD250 and not based on a spot rate of ETH. That means when you mint into our community the NFT will cost the equivalent of USD250 at the ETH price on the day of purchase.


WHY is our collection pegged to USD250

By minting into the Women Making Waves community you are using your wallet, raising your hand and your voice to create a more equitable world in which we are stronger together. 


50% of your purchase will go directly to fund women's rights law reform initiatives across USA and Australia.


40% of funds the access to our smart digital platform that gives you exclusive access to legal, business for good and wellness education.


10% goes straight back into the hands of our artist and advisors who have helped our team bring our mission to life.


Utility and Benefits

- Exclusive ownership of your digital asset.

- Access to thought leaders, industry experts and business executives.  

- Exclusive 24/7 access to the WMW education platform with content on legal reform, advocacy, business for good and mental wellbeing.

- Giveaways and competitions

- An NFT minted to blockchain and air dropped when a new bill is introduced or law changed by one of our impact partners with a unique art attribute to holders.


Learn more about the project here:

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