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Tuning In NFTs GrooveList

spots available6,000 spots

3,500 winners

Ends on:

Mar 25, 2023 12:30 PM (UTC)

Mint date: Mar 28, 2023

Mint price: 0.0085 ETH


🎢 Get your groove on with Tuning In NFTs 🎢


Tuning In NFTs is a platform that connects independent artists with music fans and blockchain enthusiasts. We believe in the power of music to bring people together and offer a community-driven approach to music discovery and value.


Our NFTs provide a unique opportunity for music fans to support artists' creative endeavors while also benefiting from our club utilities and initiatives. We are the first music discovery club on the block.


Join us today to discover new sounds while supporting a diverse and equitable music industry!


Project details:

🎧 Supply : 5,500

🎧 Price : 0.0085ETH WL / 0.01ETH Public

🎧 Mint Date: March 28


🀘🏽 Hand-Drawn Art with over 250 Traits

🀘🏽 Male & Female base characters

🀘🏽 Mint milestone rewards and activations



🎀 Community Wallet

🎀 Metaverse Concerts & Special Events

🎀 Token-Gated Site, Exclusive Access

🎀 VIP Club Lounge, Additional Perks

🎀 Token Rarity/Rewards Enabled

🎀 Spotify Promotion

Registration is closed.

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