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The Money Shot - Popcorn Pass


3,000 winners


Mint price: 0.1 ETH


Join the wait list for our "Popcorn Pass". A more affordable way to gain access to The Money Shot community but also with a chance to win a full Access Pass and free Movie NFT air drops!


About the Project

Our team has been making content for film and television in the traditional way for decades. We love it, but we believe the future of filmmaking is tokenised.


We want to level the playing field and change the way movies are made with Web3. We want to make award winning movies with you.


The Access Pass

It all starts with this Access Pass. Owners will get x2 free Movie NFT's and at least 10 Movie NFT whitelist spots for every Access Pass owned. We will be providing more exclusive products, access and credits to Access Pass holders with every Movie NFT released.


Movie NFT's

Each movie will have its own set of unique NFTs. Every Movie NFT drop is a separate project, has its own artwork and comes with its own perks and development strategy. We are going to have some fun with these!


Success = Airdrop

When a movie makes a profit. 100% of that profit goes towards making the next movie. Which means Movie NFT holders will get air dropped the next Movie NFT.


Levelling the playing field

Our crew is dedicated to raise the aspirations of young people, especially those who are disadvantaged and/or underrepresented in our industry. More on this on our website.


Find out more about us and our plans on our website. Or reach out to us on Twitter.

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