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The Madballs Avatars

spots available2,250 spots

2,250 winners

Starts on:

Feb 28, 2023 08:00 PM (UTC)

Ends on:

Mar 6, 2023 8:00 AM (UTC)

Mint date:

Mar 7, 2023 2:00 PM (UTC)


The Madballs Avatars


Madballs and The Sandbox teamed up to bring you a unique collection of 2023 playable voxel Madballs avatars with 20+ hand-crafted character animations. With a vast range of disgusting, collectible characters to choose from, each Madballs avatar brings its own unique… bounce to the metaverse. Whether you're into the slime-covered Gross Out, the gas-filled Foul Mouth, or the one-eyed freak show known as Aargh, there's a gruesome Madball for everyone.


Get your freak on and get your Madballs avatar now!



You can now become one of these outrageously insane characters and bring some Madballs madness to The Sandbox. With 80+ collectible Madballs to choose from, claim your own and gross out the metaverse. .


But these avatars aren't just for show - they also give you the chance to play and earn elsewhere in The Sandbox. Whether you take on challenges, participate in events, or just play jokes on friends, the Madballs are always ready to roll up. .


All Madballs Avatar holders will additionally be eligible for future, exclusive airdrops. Free stuff!? Hell yeah!



Let’s bounce! Each avatar is based on the original 80s Madballs and customized with a combination of unique, randomly generated, and grotesque traits. With signature looks and ghastly features, each one brings a little piece of Madballs to life. These wacky characters are sure to gross you out and add some much-needed humor to the virtual world.


Get your avatar, and let’s get wacky!!



Use your avatar to play inside The Sandbox, participate in events and earn SAND along the way. More surprises await you soon!

Sorry, there are no available spots remaining.

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