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Wonders of The First: Character Proofs

Wonders of The First: Character Proofs

The indisputable first collection of Ethereum Proof-of-Stake. *Created, minted and staked in the Genesis block. Holders enjoy permissionless ownership of their character’s art proof along with rights and resources to help shape their story within the larger franchise. MYTHOS: In the time before time itself had a name, in a vast expanse where darkness reigned supreme, there lurked an entity of ancient and mysterious origin. Known as The First, this being was a font of infinite intelligence and creativity. It lay dormant in the heart of an impenetrable void, until, stirred by forces beyond understanding, it awoke to enact the monumental saga of the Great Forming. A universe of unmatched grandeur and complexity was born. The cosmos, freshly wrought, was a masterwork of intricacy, as if etched into existence by the hands of fate itself. Thus begins our journey…

Token Supply: 10000
Creator earnings: UNKNOWN

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