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s h a d o w s ~  by m0dest

s h a d o w s ~ by m0dest

a collection of 192 generative and ai assisted 1/1 portraits, each a mirror to one’s soul, reflecting not how we appear, but how we feel, how we live, how we dream. shadows are not merely absent of life, they are presences of something else, something that’s both there and not there - the way a voice can linger in a room or a memory can simply slip away. all of my works begin in code to form a foundation, and are “completed” by ai. my creative practice has long been plagued with "unfinished” works. rather than the work decaying, i explore the idea that a machine will interpret and then finish the work I’ve started. i wonder… after i’m gone, will machines continue my work and allow me to live on? this is the question that drives me. in shadows, i used p5js to establish the foundation and then a 77-image training set run for 9999 steps to generate the outputs you see here. Trait and attribute system will be revealed soon.

Token Supply: 192
Creator earnings: 7.00%

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