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Reflection by Van Arman

Reflection by Van Arman

Reflection introduces a new direction in machine creativity and generative art that the artist Pindar Van Arman calls 'Reflective AI.' How can generative AI art transcend algorithmic determinism and achieve pure emergence? The Reflective AI system leverages feedback loops and multimodal mark-making, reflecting on the canvas in realtime. Over the course of thousands of marks, Reflection thinks by doing in an attempt to present a synthetic embodiment of a creative thought process. The digital component of Reflection is built with a unique long-form generative approach that utilizes inputs from the physical canvas. The system captures stages of the painting process, translates them to a digital format, and composes them on mint. All artworks are 100% on-chain. Reflection seeks to show that generative art can embody true emergence, on-chain art can be highly detailed, and AI art can touch the source of creation. A Sovrn Curated collection

Token Supply: 999
Creator earnings: 5.00%

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