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Changing Places by Simon Raion Lavi

Changing Places by Simon Raion Lavi

An exhibition that explores the nature of change, inspired by the artist's experiences of relocating and adapting to different cities and cultures. It examines how places influence our identities and how we adjust to new environments, revealing the complex dynamics of change in our lives. Developed over eight months, the exhibition utilized evolving AI techniques, reflecting in the changing narratives and styles of the artwork. It showcases a blend of abstraction and realism, with abstraction distilling subjects to their core elements to engage viewers with the concepts and emotions of change. Realism, in contrast, captures the tangible aspects of our surroundings. By incorporating this interplay, the exhibition encourages the audience to reflect on the nature of change and its impact on our lives. In essence, "Changing Places" is a visual and conceptual journey into the transformative power of places and their role in shaping our identities.

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