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Animalia Tundra Titans

Animalia Tundra Titans

The Titans of the Tundra Collection features a limited edition of 3,888 NFTs, each showcasing an intricate design centered around Nanook and Musk. The artwork draws inspiration from animals that are at risk of extinction, highlighting the urgent need to protect our planet's biodiversity. Embracing the playful meme culture, this collection also boasts numerous Easter eggs that add to its charm and appeal. NFT Holder Access: 🎟️ Permanent Closed Beta Access πŸƒ Playable Digital Asset ❄️ Tundra Edition Card Back πŸ‹οΈ Tactical Stamina ✊ Hodler: Freeze To Win πŸ““ Codex Activation to earn Codex Points and many more to be revealed...

Token Supply: 3888
Creator earnings: 5.00%

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