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Who we are

Our culture is open, transparent, and embraces diversity and neurodiversity. Many team members identify as ADHD, autistic, and LGBTQ, and we encourage everyone to be true to themselves. We are extremely proud and fortunate to have such highly talented, fast-moving team members who excel at what they do.

Mai Akiyoshi
Mai AkiyoshiCEO/Co-founder
Mai previously worked as a senior engineer at Gusto and served as VP of Marketing at Logbar where she co-created the world's first offline translation device.
Ben Yu
Ben YuCTO/Co-founder
Ben was an inaugural Thiel Fellow, where he first learned about Ethereum in 2014 from fellow Thiel Fellow Vitalik Buterin, and previously raised $20 million for his last startup in the crypto space.
Lew Blood
Lew BloodDirector of Engineering
Lew began programming at the age of 9 and became the top engineer in a 100+ engineer team at a Series D startup at the age of 18 (She is now 21!)
Nate Broughton
Nate BroughtonCOO
Jake Hobbs
Jake HobbsLead Software Engineer
Flor Ronsmans De Vry
Flor Ronsmans De VryCSO
Brad Jaeger
Brad JaegerDirector of Content
Jenny Ho
Jenny HoProduct Designer
MayelCommunity Manager
Stacy E.
Stacy E.Customer Support
Kate Tadifa
Kate TadifaCustomer Support

Company values

Ownership mentality

We encourage our team to view themselves as owners of the company and appreciate those who proactively contribute in any way, even outside their job responsibilities. We love working with people who can think for themselves and act proactively based on what's needed.


We have to admit that we are not good at managing people and appreciate people who can self-manage. We appreciate when we don’t need to check in how they are doing with their own project and get things done within the deadline. It’s okay to take more time than needed, but it needs to be communicated very clearly when that happens.

Fast learners

We are a startup, and sometimes tasks fall outside of job descriptions. Our team members are unafraid to learn new things and adapt to change.


We have a #kudos-and-appreciations channel and give kudos to members we appreciate, ensuring team members feel valued and recognized.

Open communication

Our team is completely flat, with no hierarchies. We discuss anything openly and share opinions with one another. We appreciate those who think independently and aren't afraid to express opinions even if they differ from the founding team's views.

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