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canVERSE - Chess Mint - Allowlist


10,000 winners


Mint price: 0 ETH


Welcome to the future of Web3 Gaming.


Your canVERSE Chess Piece unlocks a world of premium features limited to the first 10,000 mints, including:


A totally unique Chess Set with Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary components

Extra Skins in-game including chess, checkers and backgammon boards

An additional game environment that matches your NFT background

Unlock the Epic editions of our partnership NFTs (List Below)

Future Rewards airdropped and HUGE utility across Web3 gaming


Partnerships - Currently we have custom unique pieces and partnerships with:


Toxic Skulls Club

Unstoppable Domains

Blockchain Game Alliance


Merit Circle




+ many more


There will only ever be ONE canVERSE Chess mint. Do not miss out.


Register for canVERSE - Chess Mint - Allowlist

Complete the following requirements to register.


  • Follow @canverse. (This will be done automatically upon registering if you have not already done so.)



  • Required to have 0.001 ETH

Provide your email address

  • The collection creator will send you updates via email
  • will send you registration confirmation via email

✨ Frequently Asked Questions ✨

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