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BraveBrew's World of #Freedom

spots available1,000 spots

75 winners

Starts on:

May 30, 2023 10:00 PM (UTC)


Mint price: 175 MATIC


Our First NFT Collection Capturing the Beauty and Diversity of #Freedom!


There are only 344 of them, all with unique attributes and benefits. Learn more:


5% of the NFT sale will go to charitable organizations. You decide in which:


Join our list now and win one of 75 guaranteed slots at a reduced minted price of 75 MATIC (~ 75 EUR). If you don't make it onto the winners' list, you still have the advantage of mining at the reduced price of 75 MATIC, subject to availability. After that, the public sale starts at 175 Matic a mint.


- Winner window tba, max. 75 slots, 75 matic

- Waitlist window tba, max. 100 slots minus remaining winner slots, 75 matic

- Public Sale tba, max. 344 slots minus waitlist slots, 175 matic.


Bookmark mint page now:


Notice: BraveBrew is a German company, which is why German legislation applies.

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