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Astra Nova 30 Million $RVV Airdrop


Astra Nova is a MetaRPG game built on Hedera.

Deviants is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum & Hedera.



Total Reward Pool: 30,000,000 $RVV (Worth 240k USD at TGE)

🏆 Tier 1 - 20,000 $RVV each for 150 winners. 🏆

🥈Tier 2 - 3,000 $RVV each for 4000 winners 🥈

🥉Tier 3 - Total 15,000,000 $RVV for 20000 winners🥉



How to participate in airdrop?

Complete all tasks & fill up the form. You will be eligible for Tier 3 airdrop.


Any Hedera wallet will be eligible to receive airdrop.

Click here to setup Blade Wallet instantly.



For more info, read:

Airdrop Guide





Register for Astra Nova 30 Million $RVV Airdrop

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