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Setting up a Discord server can be daunting. With so many factors to consider—security, bot selection, permissions, and smooth onboarding—it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where HeyMint comes in. Our team has been managing discord servers for 6+ years, and we are here to ensure your server is secure, efficient, and engaging from the start.

What Do We Offer?

💸 Budget consultation

There are many bots that are free or paid. Depending on your budget and priorities, we customize bot selections to fit your preferences.

🔐 Security

Security bot setup

Protecting your server is our top priority. We handpick the best security bots to keep your community safe:

  • User DM Safety Messages: Protect members from unsolicited messages.
  • Captcha Verification: Prevent bots and spam.
  • User Impersonation Detection: Spot and handle impersonation attempts (additional monthly cost).
  • Anti-Nuke
  • Anti-Raid
  • Anti-Spam

Member permissions

We customize permissions based on your team structure, ensuring everyone has the right access levels.

Team security audit

Our audits ensure that team members with higher permissions have secure accounts, protecting against potential hacks.

Rules setup

Clear rules are essential for a thriving community. We offer popular rule sets for you to choose from and implement them seamlessly.

⭐️ Community engagement

Token gating setup

We set up token gating bots tailored to your collection, ensuring only token holders can access exclusive channels.

Giveaway bot setup

Keep your community engaged with exciting giveaways. Giveaway bots allow you to create contests that require specific actions or roles to participate.

Engagement setup

Boost your social media presence directly from Discord. Our engagement bots encourage community interaction with platforms like Twitter, keeping your members active and involved.

Essential channel setup

We organize your server with essential channels:

  • Announcements
  • Official Links
  • Lounge
  • Rules

🫶 Customer support


Handle member inquiries efficiently with ticketing bots that streamline communication and support.


A smooth onboarding process is key to member retention. We create a seamless experience that guides new members from day one. (Additional setup cost applies)

⚙️ Additional Setup

Have unique needs? We can source and set up specialized bots to meet any additional requirements you have. (Additional setup cost applies)

How Much Does It Cost?

Basic Plan ($299)

Includes security setup, rule implementation, token gating, and engagement tools.

Onboarding (+$100)

We’ll design a customized onboarding experience tailored to your community.

Additional Setup (Based on Configuration)

We provide quotes based on any extra bots or features you request.

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