4 Necessities for Successful NFT Marketing

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NFT marketing: your path towards selling out your NFT collection

NFT marketing has a bigger impact on your project’s success, than everything else combined. The most crucial aspect of your NFT project’s success isn’t necessarily how amazing your art is or how interesting your utility is. It’s whether or not your NFT marketing reaches the right people who absolutely love that art or utility.

Not only is marketing the most crucial part of the equation, it’s also the most difficult. Despite the challenge, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your efforts pay off by connecting with people who become hardcore fans of your project! 

The 4 things you need for successful NFT marketing

Our own NFT project, Curious Addys, has achieved things that we’re incredibly proud of: getting featured by Forbes, Wired, Elle, and most importantly: the collection selling out in ~1 day.

 If we could break down our success into our very own personal recipe of 4 important ingredients, it would look like this: 

The 4 qualities we believe lead to success

There are 4 powerful qualities we believe everybody should have: not just to succeed in web3, but to succeed in any sector of the world and life. That’s a big statement, I know, but we deeply believe in having this kind of perspective in all aspects of life. These are the core things we believe set apart the people and projects that achieve success.

 If you keep these things in mind as you craft your NFT marketing plan, you will be lightyears ahead of everybody else.

Tip #1: Give value to others. 

There are so many people in the world that confidently let you know that they NEED something from you: they need your time, your thoughts, your experience. They aren’t shy about asking too, even if you two are total strangers. Somebody always wants you to shout out their collection, or join a Twitter space, or buy their NFT.

We have all experienced reading an eye-roll worthy DM from somebody asking us for something. How does it feel? I’m not sure about you, but I feel a little frustrated: Why does this random person think it’s appropriate to beg me to buy their NFT? They didn’t even say hi first.

Let’s consider the opposite: how many times have you received a DM from somebody giving YOU value, instead of taking it from you? I’ll bet it’s pretty rare! 

People have a negative reaction to feeling like they’re being used or taken advantage of. However, the opposite is true too: people react warmly to genuine offers of value. Be that person. Be the person that makes others delighted to read your message. 

Be a giver. Offer your unique experience to projects you are passionate about. Volunteer for causes that make you happy. Even just sharing kind words is a form of giving value.

When you give without expecting anything in return, the world pays you back 10 times over. (As a side note: if you’re interested in seeing what kind of DMs we’ve actually sent and responded to, check out our article on NFT collabs: how to partner with big NFT projects!)

Tip #2: Have discipline. 

A disciplined dog behaving for a child

For your NFT marketing to succeed, it’s important to be consistent. Headlines sensationalize the concept of overnight successes. According to our newsfeeds, projects seemingly come out of nowhere and are instantly worth millions of dollars. It’s shocking, it’s inspiring, it makes us feel like we should be doing that too. 

Seeing stories like these imply that something is inherently wrong with you, or your project, if it doesn’t blow up immediately. That simply isn’t true. Most of the time, success is a slow build that requires discipline and consistency.

A headline wouldn’t be nearly as cool if it said “creator, after a year of incredibly hard work, daily twitter threads, weekly Medium articles, and a slowly growing Discord reaches success!” but that’s often what the path to success looks like. 

When we compare ourselves to these overnight success stories, we can feel like failures. We might feel like our NFT marketing is subpar. But those stories just don’t represent most realities. Having the discipline to continue chugging along even when things are growing slowly, is really half the battle.

So many projects fail simply because the team became discouraged too soon. Stick it out instead. For more insight on this topic, check out our CEO’s article 9 Things That Prevent You From Getting “Sad” as a Web3 Founder in a Bear Market)


Tip #3: Be a problem solver. 

The most inspiring people we’ve met really hold this description as a personal identity of theirs: when faced with an issue, they naturally try to find the solution on their own. They dedicate time to researching and learning something new.

They don’t have a mentality of “I am stuck” – they actively try to figure out alternative solutions.

Maybe you’re non-technical and want to build a mint website, so you find a way to use a dozen no-code tools to make what you need. Maybe you’re not artistic and want to design a collection, so you join communities for artists in search of befriending somebody that you could hire.

There is always a solution to the problems we face. Adopting a mentality of “I will figure it out” is a powerful way to give yourself the confidence to know nothing that goes wrong can prevent you from building what you want to build.

Inevitably, some aspects of your NFT marketing plan are simply not going to go as expected. In fact, I’d argue that many things will not go as expected. When that happens, it’s easy to say “I don’t know how. to do that” – but much more rewarding to say “maybe I can learn”.

Tip #4: Do things that make you happy. 

A happy bunny

Financial gain is such a huge topic within this space (or, any space really) – to the point where it’s at the forefront of everybody’s mind and every conversation. We know money matters, but don’t forget that it is not the sole purpose in life. Happiness is.

Work on projects that you genuinely enjoy. Work with people that you admire and respect. Center around causes that make you proud. Find a way to truly have fun day to day.

Sometimes, it feels like we have to choose between making money OR doing something that we enjoy. But in reality, there is always a way to do both – you just have to find it.

The more you enjoy your work, the more willingness you’ll have to be a problem solver when things are frustrating. The more you enjoy your work, the more motivation you’ll have to stay consistent and disciplined with your goals.

The more you enjoy your work, the easier it is to find genuine ways to give value to others.

Closing thoughts on successful NFT marketing

NFT marketing is certainly challenging, but these 4 tips will give you the mentalities necessary to succeed. We’re here, wishing you the best of luck! The world needs more incredible NFT projects out there. 

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